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Megaton Mass

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Megaton Mass


Megaton Mass lives and dies on its pungent aroma and taste profile, along with its versatility and extremely relaxing high.

SKU: 344c57b2d2e8 Category:


SMELL: Our Megaton is essentially the same strain as our Monster Mass in both smell and taste, just ultra fast! This strain is well known for its spectacular aroma of fruit and pungent skunk, overwhelming and powerful. The phenotype that was worked with from the Critical+ was exceptionally fruity and displayed a notable Blackberry sweetness.

TASTE: Intensely fruity and sweet sugary flavor with touches of citrus. Big flavours of kush, Blackberries and Cola Cubes. It is sweet and fruity on the inhale and full on pungent Skunk and hash on the exhale, finally leaving the mouth ringing with sweet exotic fruit.

EFFECT: Our Ultra flowering version of Monster Mass has lost nothing in the sedative capabilities she is famous for. Expect Muscle relaxant, couch lock qualities and a real boost to appetite. Smoke in moderation as over indulgence can lead to a truly overwhelming experience.

BAG APPEAL: Aesthetically very very pretty. Medium/large, mid density buds, pale green with a golden dusty shimmer and flame red hairs. Sticky even when perfectly cured with a deeply pungent and extremely fruity smell when cracked open.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm
Pack Size

1 Seeds, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds


Sedative, muscle relaxing, couch lock, overwhelming


Fruity, sweet, sugary, spicy, citrusy, kush, blackberry, cola, hash, exotic

Flowering Time

6-7 weeks


Ultra Monster Mass Clone x Ultra Monster Mass Auto (reversed)

THC Content




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