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Frosted Onionz


An inspired cross between Frosted Melonz and Grateful Seeds’ in-house 26mm, Frosted Onionz is a standout among standouts.

SKU: PSTGS-ONE-003-F6 Categories: , ,


Frosted Onionz is one of our newest strains to launch over at puresativa from the team at Grateful Seeds, our latest seedbank to add to our catalogue based over in Barcelona.

Frosted Onionz is a cross between The Frosted Melons bred by Lost River Seeds and selected by Brain Food Grower. Frosted Melon has recently stirred things up in the Barcelona hashish community, with several hash makers working with the cultivar. Grateful Seeds cherry-picked this cut for her resin potential alongside her tantalisingly sweet, tropical melon candy and gas terpene expression. The mission with this strain was to create a true hash cultivar by crossing two gassy, resin producing strains , the infamous Frosted Melon, with the 26mm.

They dusted the Frosted Melon mother with pollen from the 26mm bred by in-house genetics, a cross of Alien Wrench and Z cube. The 26mm is known for its fruity, zkittlez heavy terp profile with the Zcube delicately balanced by the zingy, sour diesel gas from the Alien Wrench. The Zcube is an infamous zkittlez backcross from TerpHogz genetics, lending some seriously z dominant influence to this breeding project. The 26mm has lent its impeccable resin properties to the cultivar leaning into its sour diesel, great resin properties in the Alien Wrench. The Z cube also lends striking vigour alongside its succulent terp profile.

The 26mm is the queen of resin from Grateful Seeds catalogue, with the terps of both parents are blending perfectly to create an insane quality of resin and yield. The 26mm gives a healthy boost to its structure so the plant grows fast and strong! Without doubt, this is the project designed for all kinds of legal extractors, focusing on the resin first has lead them to seek exotic cultivars specifically developed for hashing. The resin production is of exceptional melt quality from the vast majority of phenos.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm
Pack Size

6 Seeds



Sour diesel, fruity, zkittlez, zingy, succulent

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks


Frosted Melon X 26mm

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