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SKU: PSCG-005-LTD Categories: , Brand:

Chemdog Haze


SKU: PSCG-005-LTD Categories: , Brand:


For this strain, I took my OLD School Haze cut (SSH xSSSDH) known for her amazing Haze flavour leaning more on the SSH side and her big yield of long colas and have hit it with my SSCDH( Super Silver Chemdog Haze) Male from Reservoir Seeds. The SSCDH male more Chemdog Dominant adds extra resin and some extra density to the already high yielding OSH. this strain is a stretcher and keeps stretching 2 weeks into flower so flip it earlier than usual or plan accordingly. best topped from early on multiple times to create a nice bush and let them colas grow bringing you a huge yield of Haze dominant buds in a 10 weeks flowering period. Potency leans on the Haze side making it a great strain for any activity or busting out a move on the dancefloor or just sitting around taking up with a bunch of Haze Freaks.

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