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The C99 strain was one of the first strains from Female Seeds.

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The C99 strain was one of the first strains from Female Seeds. The C99 feminized seeds were launched at the birth of Female Seeds in 2003. But Ferry actually first started working on this strain back in 1999. The first batch he produced of C99 were regular seeds for a different seedbank. Years of experimenting with the original Brothers Grimm C99 led to the creation of our very own C99. The origins are difficult to establish, but it was a long flowering Sweet Tai landrace crossed with a short flowering Sativa. Most likely, the Durban Poison. The current C99 strain we are selling, was backcrossed to stabilize the genetics with two specially selected C99 phenotypes – a Grapefruit, and the legendary Pineapple pheno. The result is the holy grail of cannabis strains! A fast flowering Sativa that has the taste and high of an exceptionally sweet landrace Sativa. A landrace that would normally take up to a half a year of flowering. Yet our C99 strain flowers in just 8 to 9 weeks. Our C99 strain has an unusually high CBD content for a Sativa strain. It actually resulted in a new chemotype, CBD-Sativa. This C99 strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid and has 2 phenos. One is slightly more compact and the other stretches slightly more. The C99 plant forms one giant, candle shaped bud with several smaller nugs on lower branches. All very dense and frosty with resin. One phenotype has that wonderful grapefruit smell. The other phenotype has that legendary, sought-after pineapple smell. On the whole, a very nice balanced taste between fruity sweet and pleasantly acidic. The high is a typically Sativa; a warm, glowing, happy and uplifting effect. This high is long-lasting and stimulates the mind providing you with plenty of creative energy.

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Female Seeds



Warm, glowing, happy and uplifting Sativa high fueling creativity


Sweet and fruity smell of pineapple and grapefruit

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks




C99 x C99

Flowering Time Guide


Neuropathic pain management
Relief of symptoms for Crohn’s disease and Colitis Ulcerosa
Relief of symptoms of insomnia
Relief of symptoms of spasms and MS due to its CBD content



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