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SKU: PSCG-003-LTD Categories: , Brand:

Buddas Dog


SKU: PSCG-003-LTD Categories: , Brand:


For this strain I took an old strain of Budda sister x Sage from Moonshine man seeds (now Rare dankness seeds) that leans towards the budda sister side with her fruity dank taste and nice indica dom buds, I then hit it with the SSCDH (Super Silver Chemdog Haze) Male from Reservoir Seeds making the Budda’s Dog. This strain is flavour whores hybrid bringing everything from fruity dank to the Chemdog side of the X and leaving you with a hard choice for keepers. this strain throws amazing resin excellent for all kinds of extraction and really holding that flavour. Best topped from early on in veg to create a nice bush.
This leans toward the indica side and will have you baked on the couched reaching for that ice cream.

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