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Auto White Widow XXL


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The 00 Seeds bank has developed the Auto White Widow XXL automatic strain to allow greater production and more aromatic buds. keeping almost the same harvesting time. To achieve it they were crossing and stabilizing the larger auto White Widow plants of its seed bank.

This is mainly Indica strain, offering very thick and vigorous plants but with good size. Its size should not exceed 150 cm outdoors and 110 cm indoors. At the end of the flowering phase, Auto White Widow XXL provides large amounts of aromatic resin, perfect for extractions lovers.

It is an easy strain to grow in any type of environment and climate and that takes, from germination to harvesting it takes between 75 and 85 days to be ready to collect.

The Auto White Widow XXL plants produce high yields. Outdoors, with at least 5 hours of sunlight, it can reach 200 grams per plant. Indoors, under a 600W spotlight and with 20 to 22 hours of light, its production can reach 600 grams per square meter.

Auto White Widow XXL effect is body relaxing and it comes quickly and suddenly. It is 16% of THC offers an effect that is best suitable for disconnecting at the end of the day.

The taste of this genetics is strongly citric, in the same line as the other White Widow strains. Its background exhales exotic woods and spices flavors.

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00 Seeds

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Flowering Time

10-12 weeks



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