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Auto Super Skunk


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Auto Super Skunk by the renowned seed bank 00 Seeds is the result of a combination between a Skunk and an auto-flowering hybrid strain in order to make for fast flowering plants. This auto-flowering strain produces high-quality flowers and incredible aromas, similar to the original strain. It produces amazing yields in short amounts of time. It grows similar to many Indica-dominant strains; compact, with plenty of branches, making it great for high yields.

When growing Auto Super Skunk indoors, it has quite a fast growth period. After about 3 – 5 growing weeks, it should start to flower, and after about 9 – 11 total weeks, they should be ready to harvest. This strain can grow between 0.6 and 1.2m tall, producing large yields – with just a little care it can produce over 450g/m2. In order to get the best possible results, keeping in mind how this strain grows and its shape, we recommend planting between 9 and 12 plants in 7 – 11L flowerpots, using an average-intense nutritional schedule; this strain does well with high amounts of nutrients once it gets big enough.

If you want to obtain large yields indoors you’ll be happy to know that this strain does well with temperatures that are too high or too low, making it perfect for growing pretty much anywhere you want – it’s great for beginners and experts alike. If you want the best possible yields, we recommend starting the first round in March which means you’ll be doing your last harvest around September. Most of these plants grow to over a meter tall, producing up to 150g/plant if they receive the right feeding schedule.

This plant is perfect for beginner growers, however, you may need more experience when it comes to consuming it. This potent strain is designed for experienced consumers, because it’s effect is intense and it starts off physically potent and relaxing, turning into an intense mental effect that could couch-lock even the most experienced smoker. Its flavor and aroma are sweet and delicious; with a sort of sour aftertaste which is clearly reminiscent of old school Skunk strains.

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00 Seeds

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Flowering Time

10-12 weeks




400-500 gr/m2